Are you unsatisfied with your current content marketing?

Do you want to attract more of your ideal customers and get more sales?

Hi, I’m Simone Cunningham.

I eliminate the complexity and overwhelm of content marketing, content creation, and public relations for small business owners. Marketing becomes easier by implementing my proven ‘made-for-you’ content solutions that position you as a subject authority. 

Through these proprietary methods, learn to create confident, organised and purposeful content that attracts your ideal customers and drives more sales. Work with me as your content marketing or PR consultant, or enrol in my 1:2:1 live online Content Marketing Training or Public Relations Training courses.

Simone Cunningham

Online 1:2:1 training courses.

Simone Cunningham

Content Marketing training

Review and amplify your content marketing so it generates more sales and attracts customers you want to work with. Clarify your message and say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed during the content creation process.

These are weekly practical training sessions that you implement in your business immediately.

Public Relations & Thought Leadership training

Maximise your media coverage and publicity opportunities in podcasts, videos, social media and online publications. Grow your authority in your niche by establishing yourself as a thought leader.

We implement what you learn immediately. No time is wasted.

Simone Cunningham
Simone Cunningham

Content Marketing & Social Media Management services

If you feel overwhelmed or confused when it comes to creating videos, written content and marketing for your brand, you’re not alone.

Let’s talk about the best way to work together to achieve the results you desire through the services provided by my content marketing agency, eWords Agency.

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Simone Cunningham

Why work with me?

Simone Cunningham is a highly-skilled and experienced marketing and communication director with 20 years of experience. 

Simone is passionate about creating video and digital brand content that connects, inspires, and converts.

At the heart of everything she does is strategy, and she uses this to deliver modern, effective marketing solutions that give entrepreneurs and businesses a competitive edge.

She’s also committed to sharing her knowledge and experience through her videos, 1:2:1 live online training courses, and Meetup masterclasses.

Simone Cunningham
Simone Cunningham