7 Content Creation Hacks for Social Media That Will Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts

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In this article, I’ll share 7 Content Creation Hacks for Social Media That Will Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts.

Did you know that one of the biggest limits to content marketing effectiveness is content creation? 

Consistently creating high-quality, engaging content has been such a pain point over many years.

Here’s why: 

  • A lack of content marketing strategy and social media strategy
  • Inadequate knowledge of the target audience and their pain points
  • Many content marketers are not natural writers
  • Content development workflows and processes aren’t set in stone

So my question to you is, is your social media content strategy creating a buzz? Is it moving you closer to your marketing goals?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. 

I’m going to show you 7 content creation hacks for social media that’ll boost your content marketing efforts – and attract more clients.

With a proper game plan and social media marketing strategy, you’ll surpass your competitors. So, let’s get cracking.


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If you are continuing here on the blog, keep reading. But first, take a look at this 7 Content Creation Hacks for Social Media infographic, you can download a copy here.


7 Content Creation Hacks for Social Media Infographic


Content Creation Hack #1: Identify Your Audience

With the wide variety of content marketing strategies and styles, it’s easy to miss out on key social media strategies.

Practically, only a handful of fundamentals are essential for success in content marketing. 

The most important one is: you have to understand your target audience. I cannot emphasize this enough.


understand your target audience


If you don’t invest in getting to know your target audience now, then it will be difficult for you to select the best strategies — let alone your choice of content or paid advertising, or even how to help them once they become your customers.

So, how exactly do you do this?


Here are 5 practical and actionable ways you can use to better understand your target audience.


1. Do your market research in advance – Make sure the analytics you’ve chosen is the right fit for your product and brand.

2. Look at your top competitors  – Assess their brand, their techniques, their brand voice, word phrasing, and content marketing strategies.

3. Observe comments and engagement  – These are especially important. More likes, comments, and shares are indicative of a successful social media strategy.

Use this information to gauge what kind of topics your audience prefers and what types of content least appeals to them. Remember it takes time to see engagement so stick with it.

4. Create a customer persona – Find out information like:

  • Basic demographics (name, age, gender, income level, education level, family life, career, etc)
  • What their goals are
  • Their pain points
  • How they purchase products or services
  • What kind of technologies and software as a service (SaaS) products they use
  • Where they spend their time on social media.

5. Conduct surveys  Ask them questions. Quite straightforward – isn’t it?

With a great tool like SurveyMonkey, it should be easy for you to create and launch a survey.  You can ask your target audience anything you wish to know about them.

Send a question format to your email subscribers and social followers, then you’ll be on your way to gaining more insight to better create your social media content.

To encourage participation be prepared to offer a reward or prize to get them to respond. People love a freebie!


Content Creation Hack #2: Share Quality Content Only


While regular posting is vital, quality content is essential.

The kind of content you provide represents your brand, which ultimately contributes to your social media marketing success.


make aesthetics priority


Let me share with you 4 tips that can help ensure that your audience is treated to quality content only.


1. Make aesthetics a priority
According to Jakob Nielsen, 16% of users read web copy word for word, while 79% scan through a page, picking out specific words and sentences.

Nothing easily puts off a reader like a wall of text.

Make your content scannable, and use bullet points and subheadings to break up your text. Just like I’m doing here. 😉

2. Use quality visuals and videos
Blurry and dark Instagram photos can make your audience lose interest in your brand. A poor quality video can be turned into a meme negatively affecting your brand. It’s worthwhile investing in a good camera with high resolution – and get to know how to use it.

3. Add value
One of the primary goals of creating content is to solve your audience’s problems. Your content needs to be genuinely helpful. This will keep them coming back for more in addition to building your brand’s loyalty.

4. Share positive news
Yes, that’s right. A little positivity goes a long way.

Consider the following studies:
– Author Jonah Berger observed approximately 7,000 New York Times articles that had been shared and discovered that positive news was more likely to go viral.
– A study by BuzzSumo also found that amusement, awe, and laughter were the most common emotions induced by articles that were shared.
– An Ipsos study showed that 29% of people shared unique content, 43% of people shared funny stuff, and 61% of people shared interesting pieces.

What’s my point exactly?

Content that stirs up positive emotions along with headlines that trigger awe and curiosity is more likely to create engagement. 

That’s the kind of quality content you should be creating.


Content Creation Hack #3: Post Consistently 


The old saying, “out of sight, out of mind” has never been more true when it comes to social media content marketing

Does this mean you post content every 17 minutes as some people have suggested on Twitter? Definitely not.

Depending on the platform, a basic frequency level should be maintained. What’s more important is when you’re posting. 

When you consistently post on a specific day of the week, at a specific time, great things start to happen:

  • People start to anticipate your content
  • The same audience is likely to view your posts repeatedly
  • You project a sense of regularity and reliability
  • You appear more organized
  • You’re perceived as purposeful
  • Your posts are likely to be shared as they trust that the people they share with will be treated to the same consistency.

It’s much easier for people to support a brand that has its business in order.


Now, on to 3 useful tips that will help you post consistently.


1. Post when you have the most engagement – In the beginning, you may not know when to post. Fortunately, many of the social media scheduling platforms now have this built-in, suggesting the best time of day for engagement.

In time you’ll get to know your audience and what works for your brand, however, I recommend you start with a higher posting frequency. After a couple of months check your analytics to establish the best times.

2. Use social media scheduling tools – An exceptional content marketing strategy plans way ahead of time. Don’t be a last-minute kind of person. Set an achievable publishing schedule so you always have fresh content available.

Some of the scheduling tools you can use are:

Download the list in my worksheet. All the social platforms now offer their own in-built scheduling tools for free – so there’s no need to pay a third-party if you don’t want to.

Look for the ‘schedule’. option, next to the publish button in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

3.  Work from a content posting calendar A social media content calendar is the holy grail of your content strategy. It can be as complex or as simple as you want it to be. I love to create mine in Trello, I’m actually quite obsessed with Trello – it’s so useful for organizing content.


There are 8 steps to creating an effective social media content calendar:

  1. Examine your social content and network
  2. Select your social media channels
  3. Determine what your calendar needs to track
  4. Create a content library for your assets
  5. Set up a workflow
  6. Begin crafting your posts
  7. Review with your team, and use their feedback to improve
  8. Start scheduling or publishing.

Here’s a FREE content calendar template for you to download. It will help you save time and post consistently.

31 days of social media content template

Finally, it’s best to focus on two or three social media platforms at first, if you’re a startup. So that you don’t take long to become an authority brand due to managing too many accounts. 

Choose from top-ranking social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.

If your audience is between 16-24 consider Snapchat and TikTok  – their growth is phenomenal right now.


Content Creation Hack #4: Use Videos


video content marketing


Check these statistics out: 

What does this mean?

Videos should be a non-negotiable part of your social media content marketing strategy. 

Video content gets results. Simple.

But what video content strategies should you incorporate to boost your content marketing efforts? Here are a few:

  • Tell a story. Hero stories can make quite an impact. For instance, you can create a video showing how your product helped a customer overcome a particular challenge. Such hero stories tend to generate good vibes about your business.
  • Use the right equipment. Your iPhone can take some good quality videos but use an external mic for sound clarity. You will also need proper lighting equipment, and invest in video editing software – if you’re not going to hire an editor.
  • Add subtitles. 85% of social media videos are watched on mute. People may be at work, or at a place where they don’t want to cause disruption. So video subtitles come in very handy. Don’t forget to translate your subtitles into multiple languages on YouTube – this will expose your content to new audiences.


Content Creation Hack #5: Personalize Your Brand


According to a study done by Sprout Social, 81% of people believe social media has increased accountability for businesses. It creates brand transparency. 

As a business, you have the option to run away from this. Or you can simply embrace it by:

  • Being more relatable
  • Showing people who you are
  • Being more transparent
  • Sharing how you do things
  • Being more human.

From a consumer psychology standpoint, it’s easier for people to love a business that’s more like a person. It’s therefore critical to invest in a brand personality to make it seem more human.


brand transparency


You can personalize your brand by:

  • Sharing your vision. Share what your vision is and then create a social media content marketing strategy around it.
  • Having a personality. Most customers relate to brands that treat them like a partner or peer. Find your brand personality and don’t be afraid to show it. Ignore the trolls or naysayers.
  • Focusing on your employees. Employees humanize your brand. Appreciate and acknowledge their input in providing your customers with the best products and services.
  • Sharing great feedback. Seek every opportunity to share reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased from you. This makes it more real than commercials, encouraging people to embrace your brand.


Content Creation Hack #6: Make Customer Engagement A Priority


There are two types of engagement on social media. There’s the response that you get from your audience when you post something. These are likes, comments, loves, shares, and upvotes.

Then there’s the participation they get from you. How you interact with your audience on social media influences how they respond to you.


In order to score highly in customer engagement:

  • Respond to comments. Just say “thank you” or even better personalize it with their name and a few remarks to show that you’re engaged and listening.
  • Use stunning visuals. Make sure the images you use are related to your post. People consume your message better through visuals, consider using infographics to summarize your content.
  • Answer questions and address complaints promptly. Aim to review and respond to messages within 24 hours. Otherwise, your followers and customers will disengage with your brand.
  • Share other people’s work. This shows that you aren’t only focusing on yourself but also on engaging and supporting other brands.

content creation hacks

Content Creation Hack #7: Make Use of Paid Social Media

Please leverage
paid social media.

Yes, it’s possible for you to grow your social media presence without paid advertising. 

But how long will it take?

Most of the successful brands or influencers you see got there with the help from paid social media campaigns – it simply helps you reach more people, especially at the beginning when you have very few followers.

Put aside a small portion of your weekly marketing budget for paid social media.

Here are 3 ways you can use paid social media advertising to help get your content in front of the right audience:

  • Boost posts
  • Run a like campaign
  • Social media ads.

Download the PDF worksheet for this article by clicking here.

To access your FREE content calendar template. Fill out the form below.



Ready To Scale Up Your Content Marketing Efforts?


Trying to keep with all the social media trends can be quite a task. But you don’t have to worry because you’re fully equipped with the 7 content creation hacks you need to start seeing results from your content marketing efforts.

But if you find yourself still stuck, I’m here to help you.

Hey, I’m Simone


For 20 years, I’ve been creating compelling content and marketing for entrepreneurs, big and small businesses.


I’ll help you turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. As well as create valuable content your audience will love!


Let me show you how to manage it effectively, create authority, and generate leads.


I have also created courses and resources to aid you in this journey. No need to fly blind anymore!


In the meantime, I’d like to know from you — what additional content creation hacks do you have in your backpack? Especially for social media? I’d really love to hear from you.


Also, if you have any questions, feel free to shoot.


As always, thank you for dropping by, for reading my blog posts, and for subscribing to my YouTube channel. Thank you too for watching my videos. I feel the love. 


See you on the next one – yes?

Simone Cunningham

Simone Cunningham

CEO of eWords Agency & Simone Cunningham Media

Simone is a public relations and content marketing strategist. For more than 20 years she’s been developing communications and media content, as well as marketing strategies for written, video and audio content. She partners with businesses, government, and not-for-profits as an industry authority, and also offers 1:1 coaching sessions to help individuals and businesses achieve their content and publicity goals.

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