Blogging in 2021 [Part 1] Video: Improve Your Content Marketing

In this video, Blogging in 2021 [Part 1] How Blogs Improve Your Content Marketing, I explain six benefits of blogging in 2021, how blogging can improve your SEO and increase your website traffic in 2021.

I explore questions such as “is blogging dead?”, “is it even worth my time and effort in 2021?”, and “how do I start a blog?”.

This video is the first in my series of videos and articles, where I explain how to use blogs to help you reach your content marketing goals and improve your content marketing this year.

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Blogging in 2021 [Part 1] How Blogs Improve Your Content Marketing



If you prefer to read the Blogging in 2021 [Part 1] article click here.

It’s an in-depth look at current blogging trends, the benefits of using a blog to improve your content marketing, industry examples, and practical tips.

In our upcoming videos and articles, I’ll be answering many of your questions about blogging in 2021 as a form of content marketing. This includes:

  • The best blogging tools and platform
  • How to start a blog in 2021
  • The best niches for blogging
  • How long should blog posts be for good SEO?

So make sure you keep an eye out for these over the next couple of months.


Watch my previous video

How to Brainstorm for Content Ideas: 7 Techniques for Effective Content Marketing



If you would prefer to learn brainstorming techniques by reading the article instead click here.

As usual, I’m always looking forward to hearing your thoughts. If you have any questions about Blogging in 2021, I’m here to answer them.

If you haven’t had the chance yet, take a look at my YouTube channel where I share more content marketing tips to help grow your business.

As always, thank you for watching. I appreciate your support. 

If you’re interested in lightening your load and would love to concentrate on building your business instead of blogging, reach out, that’s what I’m here for.


My team and I are well-equipped to help you.


Feel free to contact me to discuss your blogging or content marketing needs.


Let’s create valuable content!

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