Digital Marketing During COVID-19: 3 Content Marketing Strategies to Adapt and Respond

marketing during covid-19

In this article Digital Marketing During COVID-19: 3 Content Marketing Strategies To Adapt And Respond, I explain why digital marketing is more important than ever. I will also offer you some insight into current best practices and trends.

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If you are continuing here on the blog, let’s get into it.

What role does marketing your business play during this current health crisis? Is it still important?

This is a conversation I’ve been having daily with clients.

The sad reality is, the isolation we’re all facing, and the economic downturn, is going to last for a while.

I know many businesses have already felt the economic impacts of the COVID-19 and it’s only going to get worse.

When money gets tight often marketing budgets are slashed, but by doing that businesses are effectively disappearing in the marketplace, and with no visibility how are you going to find new clients or customers?

Will your current customers remember you the next time they want to purchase?

As difficult as it is financially, we all still need to find ways of promoting our businesses in this current marketplace.

We need to keep our visibility, not shrink it.

I’m not suggesting you capitalize on the virus or exploit the situation, please don’t, it’s short-sighted, not to mention immoral.

The key is to sincerely offer people solutions to help them

Think about your business and how you might do that?


digital marketing during covid-19


Digital Marketing during COVID-19: 3 Content Marketing Strategies to adapt and respond


What the data is showing us


1. Organic traffic is down in most industries


Organic traffic on websites is down for most industries.

If you’re in the travel industry, in the last couple of weeks you saw a massive drop in traffic, however in the news or financial space traffic skyrocketed.

In e-commerce, it was mixed, depending on what you sell. Baby products such as nappies when up, however luxury goods went down.


2. Pay-per-click – too early to tell


We’re not seeing huge shifts in pay-per-click data at the moment.

Maybe it’s too early to tell, at this stage costs to run your ads haven’t come down that much.

However, the cost for each conversion or cost per acquisition (CPA) seems to be going up.


What does this mean for marketing your business?


I believe it’s important to stay in the game, even if it means reducing your marketing budget.

This old quote of Warren Buffett has been doing the rounds a lot in the last week, but I’m going to share it anyway.


be fearful when others are greedy. warren buffett


It’s a philosophy Buffett used to pounce on opportunities in investing, however it’s also relevant in marketing.

Keeping your brand in front of customers or clients, effectively communicating with them during this crisis in a meaningful way, will pay off.

Provide helpful content marketing about your products and services on your website and all your social media platforms, and in ads.

This will only increase your credibility and your authority as a thought leader.

If you’re fortunate to have money to spend or extra time available, double down on your content marketing, as there’s every chance your competitors won’t be!

So, as hard as it is, let’s try not to be fearful during these times, let’s stay positive and navigate through this together.

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I’ll talk to you soon. I’m Simone. Bye for now!

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