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eWords Agency is a SEO Content Marketing and Public Relations Agency that specialises in targeted digital and video content to help entrepreneurs, coaches, and small and medium businesses thrive.

Reach your clients with content marketing and public relations that converts. Become the go-to specialist in your industry, and grow your website traffic through effective content marketing strategies and by getting your business featured in the media.

It’s your time to shine.

Explore Our Services.

Public Relations

Get your business noticed by being seen in the TV & online media, & as a guest on vodcasts & podcasts. We do media releases & secure media coverage. 

Video Presenting & Media Interview Training

Level up your video presenting & media interviewing skills for media interviews, social media videos, coaching videos, online training courses & Zoom presentations.

Content Strategy, Content Marketing & Video Marketing

Successfully achieving your business's content marketing & video marketing objectives relies on having a solid SEO content strategy in place.

Social Media Marketing

Get your business visible! Social media is a critical component in building meaningful relationships between your clients & your business.

SEO Articles, Blogs & Web Content

Content that educates & provides insights into your brand & its products & services. Generate traffic to your website & attract the right clients organically.


Power up your marketing strategies, gain valuable insights & develop a clear roadmap to grow your brand through getting your business noticed.

Why Choose eWords Agency.

eWords Agency is passionate about our work and helping the businesses and entrepreneurs we partner with produce outstanding content.

Our team takes a holistic approach in developing content marketing and public relations strategies, knowing that it doesn’t work in isolation but as part of a brand and marketing strategy designed to grow your business and connect with your clients.

At the heart of everything we do is strategy. From strategic content marketing planning, public relations media releases, video content creation, blog writing, and social media management, we thrive on every opportunity to build your brand.

We specialise in public relations and marketing for service providers including consultants, small and medium businesses, and coaches.

Our approach in partnering with our clients is flexible, consider us an extension of your team. We can be engaged for project-based work or a monthly outsourced partnership.  

Implement a Content Marketing Strategy That’s Sustainable, Streamlined and Scalable.

Getting Started.

We begin by getting to know you and your audience.

 Our aim is to understand your business’s content needs and your goals. From this, we tailor a content strategy and plan that’s streamlined and sustainable. Think of us as an extension of your team.

Zoom Chat

This is where we learn about you and your business. 

We’ll discuss your business’s marketing goals, your audience and what you’re looking to achieve with your video and digital content marketing.

From here we’ll determine if we would like to work together.


A Scope of Work is developed based on our discovery chat and your business’s need.

We suggest options to move forward depending on whether your project is a one-off or requires an ongoing commitment.

The minimum engagement for new clients is 10 hours.


So we’re working together. Great!

Next, we get to know you and your brand.

We determine your business goals and fine-tune your video and digital content must-haves.

We discover your unique selling points, research your target market and analyse your competitors. 


Built on a foundation of content strategy, we devise the best content formats and channels to reach your video and digital content marketing goals and create a step-by-step plan to get you there.

Our approach is streamlined and systematic. We:

  • Refine your audience targeting.
  • Discover opportunities in content creation.
  • Develop your marketing strategy.
  • Create your content calendar.


This where the fun begins.

We’ll set up everything we need and start creating.

If we’re shooting videos or training you, we’ll schedule sessions.

If it’s written content we’ll get cracking.

Collaboration is important here — within our team as well as feedback from you.

It’s how we bring your marketing strategy to life.


We’re in the business of communication — it’s central to everything we do.

We also believe in transparency on our end and keeping you in the loop with your project.

It’s important your strategy grows and develops with your business, and we achieve this through regular optimising of all content, as well as check-ins with you.

Our Founder & Director.

Simone Cunningham

Simone Cunningham

Simone is a highly-skilled and experienced Marketing and Communication’s Director with 20 years’ experience. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Communications from QUT in Brisbane, Simone has a demonstrated career history in crafting brand content and video storytelling. 

Her skills were honed as a journalist and television news reporter, then managing communications and marketing operations for corporates, not-for-profits and government.

Simone is passionate about creating video and digital brand content that connects, inspires, and converts. At the heart of everything she does is strategy, and she uses this to deliver modern, effective marketing solutions that give entrepreneurs and businesses a competitive edge.

She’s also passionate about sharing her experience through her YouTube channel, workshops and video presenting skills training.

Testimonials From Amazing Clients.


Simone has been the perfect person to help me navigate blogging content and video presentations - her expertise is priceless! I have learnt so much from Simone and am feeling much more confident about blogging dos and don'ts and how to best engage my clients.

I've recently completed Simone's video training. It was well worthwhile as it gave me all the answers I needed and more to complete my first video session. Simone made me feel relaxed during filming and was able to create video content I have been very happy with.

I've tried before and the difference is amazing. Thanks so much for all your support and training. Simone, you have been a pleasure to work with!

Jillian Dimock - Owner and Senior Dietitian, Bris Kids Nutrition.

Testimonials From Amazing Clients.


For a long time, I’ve been wanting to learn how to present on video and get my content under control, but I couldn’t find the right person.

I feel like I’ve struck gold with Simone!

She was patient and really is so knowledgeable about what kind of social media and blog content I should be making to appeal to my audience, SEO and how to pull it all together and make videos.

I can't wait until my clients see me now!!!

Donna Miller - Owner, The Soulful Practice.

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✔ Essential Content Calendar Template—organise and track your content.
✔ Comprehensive Content Marketing Plan Template—develop your content marketing strategy.
✔ My VIP List—weekly tips, free resources and courses.

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