Long-Term YouTube Channel Growth Strategy: What Is Evergreen Content?

Long-term youtube channel growth strategy: what is evergreen content

So you want to find a long-term YouTube channel growth strategy that will help grow your audience and business. Well, the answer lies in creating evergreen content. But, what is evergreen content?

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Watch the video – Long-term YouTube Channel Growth Strategy: What is Evergreen Content?


Watch the video Long-term YouTube Channel Growth Strategy below.



If you’re continuing here on the blog. Let’s get into it.

So you want to grow your YouTube Channel, grow your audience, and grow your business? 

You can do it in two ways:

  1. Make trending videos and blogs posts

  2. Make evergreen content.

These are two very different approaches, with very different results.

What is trending content?

Let’s start by talking about trending content. You’re no doubt very familiar with it.

It’s viral, newsworthy, or relates to a specific moment in time like Halloween or right now COVID-19.

If you head to your YouTube page and click on the Trending button under Home you’ll see what’s been trending in the last day or so. 

YouTube trending content

Most videos will be gone after a day, some you’ll see have been around 3 days, this one 6 days – probably because this dude gave away 40 cars to his 40-millionth subscriber – that is pretty cool!

YouTube trending content

You can click on the top icon to see the trending videos in these broad topic areas as well.

YouTube trending content

If we go back to the main Trending page, you’ll find there’s a lot of music videos, with the popular artists getting millions of views in less than 24 hours.

How does this work if you’re not a celebrity or influencer?

If you’re like me and work in a business niche area that doesn’t get as much traffic; type in the topic or keywords your audience would search for. 

Let’s try content marketing trends to see the most popular videos trending in this topic. 

And, if you scroll down a bit, there you’ll see one of my latest videos uploaded two weeks ago.


Simone Cunningham Content Marketing Trends

With my search term content marketing trends, there’s an ad in the first place, and then two videos before you get to mine, even though these videos were uploaded eight months ago and mine only two weeks ago.

I think my video was in the number one spot for less than 24 hours.

These other three videos are ranking higher for several reasons.

These channels have more subscribers, more videos, and the channels have been around a lot longer than mine. 

So, what I’m saying is that Trending Content or fresh content WILL NOT get you far, for very long – unless you’re Jennifer Lopez OR you’re giving away 40 cars… as cool as that would be!

There is an answer to ongoing growth in YouTube and through search traffic and it’s called Evergreen Content!

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content is based on topics that are always relevant or at least relevant for a very long period of time, we’re talking years. 

It doesn’t matter how old that information is, it’s still relevant today.

Evergreen content example #1

One evergreen content example is – can dogs eat bananas?

This week I Googled this because my cheeky moodle Archie was trying to eat my banana.

evergreen content can dogs eat bananas Google search

I was amazed at what I found, almost 7 and a half million search results, the second-ranked search was a post from more than 4 years ago.

evergreen content can dogs eat bananas google


In video search, there were more than 100-thousand results, and on YouTube, you’ll see some search results are more than eight years old. 

A crazy popular topic, who would have thought, and it’s evergreen – which means people will always want to know the answer to this question.

And if you’re wondering, yes dogs can eat bananas!

Evergreen content example #2

Another example of evergreen content is – how to start a blog.

Whatever the time of year, and no matter the year, people will always be interested in this topic, as long as there are blogs.

On Google Trends, you’ll see the topic shows a sustained level of interest over the past year, and even over the past five years.

Identify topics in your niche that people will always have questions about, and need to know about.

Ask yourself the question, “do we expect the interest in this topic to drop off anytime soon?”.

If the answer is no, there’s a very good chance that it’s an evergreen topic, that could drive traffic to your channel or blog for months or even years.


Popular evergreen content formats

Evergreen content can be produced in many formats.

What you are reading here is one format, blog, there’s also video, where is what I produced for this topic for my YouTube Channel. (You can watch the whole video here.)

There’s also:

  • How-To Guides
  • Listicles
  • Top Tips
  • Checklists
  • Product Reviews
  • Informational Long-Form Guides
  • Interviews, Buying Guides
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Case Studies, Research Studies
  • Testimonials
  • Tools and Calculators
  • Blog and Videos

Your choice of format is only limited by your imagination.

Evergreen Content doesn’t need to be boring, you can be as creative as you want in your niche and find topics that interest your target audience.

Long-term YouTube channel growth strategy = Patience

My last, but probably most important point, is to be patient. I know it can be hard.

Long term YouTube channel growth, is just that, it’s the long term game you are playing

When you first upload your video or post your blog, it will almost definitely perform worse than your trending content. 

It’s not uncommon for your video to quickly disappear, because people aren’t searching for the topic all the time.

But the beauty of this strategy is that over time you’ll get constant views, as people search for your topic over the next weeks, months, and years.

Remember this search – can dogs eat bananas?

Google Trends confirms that this is an evergreen search topic because people keep searching for this year after year. You can see here it’s been on the increase since Google Trends first started recording data in 2004.

google evergreen content can dogs eat bananas

This means that there are always people wanting to consume content on this topic, so day after day, year after year you’ll get constant traffic.

Do this with many different evergreen content topics and watch your blog and channel blow-up in views over the long term.

Sounds pretty cool to me.

In summary – Evergreen content + YouTube

So, start brainstorming evergreen content ideas for your niche, and ask yourself the question:

Will people still be interested in this topic for months or years to come?

If the answer is YES, you’ve found your evergreen topic that will help you grow your blog and YouTube channel.

What to learn 3 Top Marketing Trends for 2020 video on my YouTube Channel or read the blog article here.


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As always, thank you so much for reading and for subscribing to my YouTube Channel.


I’ll talk to you soon. I’m Simone. Bye for now!


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Simone Cunningham

Simone Cunningham

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Simone is a public relations and content marketing strategist. For more than 20 years she’s been developing communications and media content, as well as marketing strategies for written, video and audio content. She partners with businesses, government, and not-for-profits as an industry authority, and also offers 1:1 coaching sessions to help individuals and businesses achieve their content and publicity goals.

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