Writing for Digital Marketing: 11 Tips for Your Digital Strategy 2020

improve your writing for digital media

Communicating professionally and with credibility when writing for digital marketing is critical for every business. 

How would you rate your business’s standard of content?

Maybe it’s an 8 and you’re on fire? Maybe it’s a 4 or 5 and needs attention?

This article talks about content writing or content creation for business and offers writing tips that can be used in your content strategy.


writing for digital marketing


It’s a fact that every business is different, however, what is consistent, regardless of the industry we’re in, is we all rely on words, because it’s how we all communicate!

These words or content need to be convincing and professional, so people want to do business with you.

No one likes to be overtly sold to, but it is important you market your brand – if you don’t, who else will?


11 Writing Techniques For Digital Marketing To Implement In Your Business


Tip 1. Consistency and quality


consistency and quality


Your content needs to be high-quality and consistent on all your channels. This includes your website, social media, and your videos.

This is how you will create authority in your niche and secure more leads for your business.

Writing good quality content can seem like another job to do and it is. However, getting this right is extremely important!


Tip 2. Word limit


word limit


Set a word count and stick to it! This means don’t write two-thousand words or shoot a 10-minute video if you can cover the content in half that time. 

Clear and concise is always best.

It’s a technique the media has used for a long time and it’s one of the hardest skills I learned to master as a journalist. People appreciate you getting to the point.

UPDATE: While I am still a big believer in clear and concise content, the Google and YouTube algorithm has started favoring long-form content – big time.

The challenge now is writing longer content that provides value – and this takes time and more research.

You just need to do the work to keep it interesting and really connect with your audience or hire SEO content writers like me and my EWA team to do the work for you.


Tip 3. Mini paragraphs


mini paragraphs


Break your copy into one to three sentence paragraphs.

People like to read with white space in-between. It looks less overwhelming.

Try using bullet points to break down more complicated ideas.


Tip 4. Short sentences


short sentences


This is another broadcast journalist trick I’m going to share with you something that might help you cut down your sentences.

Try reading what you write out loud.

If you need to stop for breath, the sentence is too long, break it into two.


Tip 5. Use subheadings


use subheadings


This is especially important in web and blog writing, where your content is often longer.

Break it up with a short heading that sums up what they will read below.

If the content isn’t for them, they can scroll to the next point.


Tip 6. Be factual and original


be factual and original


In writing for digital marketing, provide people with content that is credible, original, and contains facts. This helps build trust.

You want to attract your audience by being authentic, which means speaking about what you actually experienced and know to be true.

Don’t add random facts, statistics, and numbers that aren’t relevant. Be informative.

For example, instead of saying hundreds of clients, say more than 350 clients. It makes it real.

You want to build your brand’s reputation, not hurt it.


Tip 7. Proofread




We’ve all seen typos even in well-known publications, we’re all human. However, to NOT proofread your writing carefully is a mistake.

You want your business to look professional.

Poor grammar and spelling mistakes make your brand look sloppy.

So, if you or your team aren’t doing this carefully, hire a professional like me to assist.


Tip 8. Clients first


clients first


When writing for digital marketing tailor your content to what your audience wants to read or what might be helpful to them.

Your content needs to be targeted to your prospects and existing customers, this means you need to define your target audience, their interests, locations, and demographics.

This will help generate high-quality leads.

Always add value and talk about how your product or service benefits them.

Research content marketing trends and develop a content marketing strategy to give your content a clear direction.


Tip 9. Write conversationally


write conversationally


When I first started as a journalist, I was told to write like I was explaining my story to a 12-year old.

All writing, even for a business audience needs to use straightforward, jargon-free language.

All technical terms must be simplified, people want to grasp what you are saying quickly and easily.

If you’re unsure, show it to someone outside your business or direct team for their feedback.

All information should be easy to read and understand, the first go. No exceptions.

If a sentence needs to be re-read, change it.


Tip 10. Use storytelling


use storytelling


I speak about this quite a bit and it’s just as important in business content, as it is with a novel. It makes your brand more memorable.

You need to see your customer’s pain and offer a solution.

For example, the pain for my clients is a lack of time, a lack of content ideas, or lack of direction or focus with their communication materials.

My solution, we create a communications vision and action plan and pull all the competing elements together, taking the pressure off them and their team, giving them focus and extra time.

Think about your customer’s pain points and create content based on that.



Tip 11. Be you!


be you


Write about what YOU care about.

People relate to people – not products. People do business with people – not services.

Not everyone is going to want to read about what we do or listen to how we can help them, but those you do connect with will appreciate you.


Watch the video – Writing for Digital Marketing


Watch the video below.



You can download my Vital No-Cost Marketing Tools for 2021 Guide below, it’s free and lists helpful no-cost and low-cost tools for your business.





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As always, thank you so much for reading and subscribing to my YouTube Channel. Thank you too for watching my videos.


I’ll talk to you soon. I’m Simone. Bye for now!


If you’re looking to revamp your content or require regular SEO content for your blog reach out to Simone and the EWA team. Let’s get your brand seen by the right audience!

Simone Cunningham

Simone Cunningham

CEO of eWords Agency & Simone Cunningham Media

Simone is a public relations and content marketing strategist. For more than 20 years she’s been developing communications and media content, as well as marketing strategies for written, video and audio content. She partners with businesses, government, and not-for-profits as an industry authority, and also offers 1:1 coaching sessions to help individuals and businesses achieve their content and publicity goals.

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